Tara will explore and bring further awareness to the importance of our prenatal and perinatal period of life. To recognize the early imprints that are influencing the way we see life and respond to the world, which will help us differentiate as we support others (family and clients) with their birth journeys.

Exploring how early memories are stored, understanding how implicit and explicit memories work, and entering into the exploration of our own birth to further inquire and look at how this time has an effect on the rest of our lives.

Tara will introduce how sequencing works and explore our own sequencing (how we move through events in our lives to discover if they follow some kind of pattern), so that we can understand how our sequencing might be connected to our birth journey. And further, how to apply these discoveries to our work with families.

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Meet our Teacher

Tara Blasco PhD

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychologist